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What a Septic Install Means to Sellers and Realtors

In current lending guidelines, lenders will not lend to a buyer for a property that has a cesspool (at least not in RI)... so a septic system installation means a lot to the sellers and realtors involved.  It is a rhetorical question -do you want to sell your house or not?  Dovetailing into Russel Ray's post, cesspools (considered sub-standard systems) are rampant throughout RI and especially near our beautiful Narragansett Bay.  We do have mandates for replacement onsite wastewater treatment systems (OTWS) systems from the state for homeowners within 200 feet of water by 2012.  However, as is very evident right now, you can't enforce a change when you have little to no money to lend to homeowners at a low interest rate to make this changeover. 

So I started taking pictures of of one of my sellers' progression from cesspool to septic system recently.   I was able to determine and seek out money, before this transaction went south, that had come available from our RI Housing Authority to lend at a 2% interest rate for the cesspool change.  So my sellers applied for and received the low cost loan and hired a reputable and state certified septic install contractor to do the installation.  They were able to put in a flow diffuser OWTS and even with competitive bids because of the land layout and placement it was a $14,000 investment and expenditure.  It was quite a project but the pictures really speak volumes about it.  So take a look...

leach field hole

Moving earth


flow diffusers

Septic Installed


My sellers successfully sold their property.  By being better informed then other realtors on cesspool/septic systems it was one of the top three things that originally secured my listing this home.  Other potential realtors offered the sellers no advice on the potential pitfalls they would experience in trying to sell their home with the cesspool.  And without the low cost loan, they would have otherwise waited for a cash buyer to come forward on a $300,000 home.  We all would still be waiting...So a septic install here makes for happy sellers and realtors and ultimately satisfied buyers.

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